No Breaks

Horde - Thrall (US)

The Guild

No Breaks is an ecclectic group of friends. We enjoy the nerdier side of life and kill monsters in our free time. Although we have been gaming together for quite a while, we love making new friends. Stop by in our Discord and say hello!

  • PVE Focused
  • Active M+ Runs on Weekends
  • Friday Night Tykes (Alt Normal Run)
  • Achievement and Transmog Legacy Runs


Progress - ABT: 11/11(H) 5/11 (M)

Schedule: Tuesday & Wednesday 7pm - 10pm server

Our raiding style is in between casual and hardcore. Since we only raid two days a week, we expect our raiders to have excellent attendance and to be prepared. We work with players to bring out their best. Our main objective is heroic but we will dabble in mythic until there is new content to explore.

We require several addons to raid, as well as a working microphone and headset.

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Contact Us

Stop by the No Breaks Discord server to say hello if you're interested. We offer a 2 week trial period to new raiders in order to make sure it's a good fit for the team and you.

An officer will be happy to answer any questions you have in game, as well. No Breaks is an adult guild and applicants must be 18+.